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The web is interconnected via URLs as it’s linked in some way or another just like a spider web. No doubt it adds to the overall value of the net as the best resource to conduct research, for entertainment, and online purchases.

Because of this, it is imperative that your web pages are linked with content and information that can enhance your website, without giving up valuable traffic in the process. Links within your site can also improve the site’s usability and searchability.

SEO companies Portland know all too well that search engines consider a link to your website from another site as a vote of confidence in your site. This is why Google places a very high value on incoming links to a website.

What would you consider a link?

A link can be an image or line of text on a page within a website that will take the visitor to another page within the same site or to a different site when clicking on it. Linked text is usually underlined within the text of a paragraph, or as a freestanding word or phrase. When you hover over a linked image or text, the cursor will indicate to you that you are on a link.

They would start by ensuring that, when a site’s navigation is in the form of one or more images, it is replicated in the text. Besides, the search engines focus more on indexing than on images. From a usability aspect, it would make more sense to list the text links at the bottom of the page if the main navigation is towards the top.

The text links should contain the keywords for which the linked page is optimized, as well as being placed within the text on the referrer page. This would be referred to as contextual links. Should a link be placed from a home page on a cooking site to the page containing the menu, the copy may look like this: ‘for more videos, please go to our recipe page of the website. The word menu would be the link text that links that word to the recipe page of the website. Links such as ‘for more information click here offers no benefit to the linked page.

When the link is in the form of an image or a logo, which is great for branding purposes, it should be accompanied with an optimized copy to the linked page. This can be in the form of a caption beneath the logo.

A one-way link is always better than a two-way link or reciprocal link. This is because the search engines place a higher value on incoming links than on two-way links.

SEO service providers in LA would focus on getting links from websites with a higher ranking on the search engines than your site. This will elevate the status of your site.

Same-page reciprocal links will not be viewed as genuine links by Google. A link from your homepage should go to the relevant page on the other site to which the optimized keyword links rather than to the home page as well.

Technical Considerations for Optimizing Web Pages

There are a number of technical aspects to keep in mind when optimizing your website. What comes to mind is that certain design features and aspects that would not be search engine friendly and likely impact on your ranking.

These would include:

  • Flash design which is generally suitable for anything from tourism to gaming to entertainment websites. Multiple images, combined with sound would create a super interactive experience. But as much as it can aid the marketing of products or services, it is good to note that it is not search engine friendly. It should feature anywhere but the home page.
  • Frames, which is a method used by web developers to make development much easier are not necessarily ideal for search engines as these cannot be accurately indexed for its primary content. Frames need to be undone and converted to normal HTML instead.

Best rated SEO companies like Moving Mountains Advisors would be capable of altering your site in such a way that it attracts a more favorable ranking.